RHMC is located in a one-hectare hill owned by businessmen Gil and Von Rosales Montilla. In 2006, an opportunity for putting up a school came when a friend introduced to the Montillas a husband-and-wife team, Hansel and Jeanne de Barras, experienced Montessori educators. RHMC started its operation in 2007 offering pre-school to Grade 4 and Grade 7. Over the years, the school expanded to offering pre-school to Grade 10. Five years later, the institution grew into one of the most sought-after schools in Danao City and its nearby towns. In 2011, the academy had legitimately been renamed from Rosemont Hills Montessori Academy to Rosemont Hills Montessori College adding three (3) programs in college namely Information Technology, Office Administration, and Elementary Education specializing in Early Childhood Education. In 2016, RHMC added Senior High School offering General Academic Strand (GAS), Accountancy, Business and, Management (ABM), Information and Communications Technology (ICT) specializing in Illustration and Contact Center Services, Home Economics (HE) specializing in Cookery, Front Office and Travel Services.  In 2019, new strands were added to the SHS program namely, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS).

Its pre-school program and lower education programs are accredited by Montessori Institute of America. It is also one of the few schools in the northern part of Cebu to be recognized by Bureau of Immigration.  All Basic Education levels have been recognized by Department of Education while all college programs of RHMC have been recognized by Commission on Higher Education.


aaVon yearbook

Core Value:
R - Respect for human dignity

Ma. Yvonne R. Montilla, M.Ed

President and CEO

Core Value:
H- Honorable in dealing with others

Hans C. de Barras, M.Ed.


Core Value:
M - Meaningful Living

Gil L. Montilla


Core Value:
C - Creative and Critical Thinking

Jeanne B. de Barras




MIA 2 1/2 - 6 Certified
Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education
7 Years Montessori Experience

Pixy Jen M. Abella

Casa Head

MIA 2 1/2-6 Certified
Bachelor of Elementary Education with Specialization in Pre-school Education
5 years Montessori Experience

Jehan C. Bestudio

Casa Directress

MIA/MACTE 2 1/2 - 6 Certified
Bachelor of Elementary Education with Specialization in Pre-school Education
3 years Montessori Experience

Denice Jane P. Banilad

Casa Directress


RHMC provides students with the educational experiences suited to their needs in a pleasant

student-centered environment.

Practical Life

Materials provided as exercises in movement which instill order, concentration, coordination, independence in real world scenarios.


This area develops the students “mathematical mind” that leads to precision, order and logical thinking through through the use of Montessori materials

History and Geography

Students study the different areas of the world to learn about the people, culture, music, language, events, and arts.


Specific classes are offered to learners in various fields of interest such as illustration, cookery, contact center services, and Front office and Travel.

Physical Edu/Health

Designed to make children move and to practice bodily control with their very active minds.  It aims to give students an understanding of the basic techniques and principles related to physical education and recreation.

The Sciences

This area provides hands-on activities that include biology, botany, zoology, and physical science when students observe, experiment, demonstrate, record, and report what they have learned.

Language Development

It provides activities that develop receptive and expressive communication skills that help satisfy the students’ needs for self-expression, talks, and conversations using the English language.


As early as first greaders, students are exposed to robotics to engage them to express their creativity and increase their social skills through collaborating on tasks or projects.  This allows the students to develop programs and promote technological literacy for them to adapt with transformative technologies.

Leadership Training

A series of simulated activities such as teambuilding camps, community immersion programs, paramilitary training, and classroom teaching strategies from different subjects that will make students collaborate, communicate, and cooperate.

Arts and Music

Students are given opportunities to exercise self-expression and discover their potentials in Arts and Music.  They can gain skills in drawing, painting, clay modeling, collage gluing, and many other activities.  Students will also experience joy in learning through music.


The students engage in research by exploring relevant topics in their field of interest to address the local, national, and global issues.  The students learn how to use both quantitative and qualitative approaches in research, write research paper, and defend their findings in front of a panel of instructors.


The students will experience the fundamentals of starting and operating a business by developing a business plan, obtaining financing, managing a small business, and marketing their products or services.

Educating tomorrows leaders, today.