Our Vision

To pursue quality education aimed to develop students holistically to become leaders and productive citizens of the society.

Our Mission

To produce independent, self-confident and lifelong learners inspired and guided by Montessori philosophy.

Our Philosophy

RHMC believes that the influence for a strong character foundation lies on the experiences through teamwork and joy of learning.  It is exemplified by focus on spontaneous use of human intelligence through inquiry to develop imaginative and innovative skills for active participation and empowerment in the society.



Respect for human dignity

RHMC provides a secure social and emotional environment for all students.  Our students are expected to grasp and recognize the diversity of culture, ethnicity, gender, race, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic background of other individuals.


Honorable in dealing with others.

RHMC seeks to balance the demands of an academically rigorous curriculum with the moral imperative to raise good scholars and good citizens, actively honoring social responsibility throughout their lives in service to others.


Meaningful living

As students struggle to be themselves, they are expected to take on leadership roles both within and outside the classroom and make responsible choices.  As a result, they discover their potential and find themselves living a far more satisfying and meaningful life.

Critical & Creative

Complementing creative and critical thinking skills.

As members of a community that finds strength and resilience in its intellectual curiosity and diversity, our students are secure that upon graduation, the rigor of their education will have prepared them well to make decisions for themselves through critical and creative thinking skills.