Rosemont Hills Montessori College is open to all students who wish to avail of its services and facilities provided that he/she meets the requirements and regulations set forth.

Admission for new students follows step by step process. The evaluation test for admission is based on the aptitude tests for the level the student is applying for. The admission test is not a qualifying exam. In the event that an applicant fails to reach the standard for the requested level, a student may still be admitted in a conditional status provided that the student attends a summer class or a remedial session may be required.


  1. Form 138 (Report Card) from previous school duly signed (original)
  2. Birth Certificate certified by National Statistics Office (photocopy) original upon enrollment
  3. Certification of Good Moral Character from his/her previous school; his/her character grade should be 80% or above
  4.      Passport Page (photocopy) for foreigners
  5. Special Student Permit (SSP) for foreigners
  6. 1×1 photo of child (2 copies)
  7. 1×1 photo of up to 3 people, including parents, authorized to pick up the child
  8. 2 Long brown envelopes
  9. Interview by the Admission Committee
Light Bulbs


  1. Present the requirements to the registrar;
  2. Pay the testing fee to the cashier;
  3. Take the entrance test administered by the Guidance Counselor;
  4. Submit for interview by the Principal or members of the Admission Committee;
  5. Bring Permit to Enroll slip on the scheduled enrolment day
  6. Follow enrolment procedure posted in the Admin office.


  1. Presentation of Form 138 (Report Card)
  2. Old ID for validation
  3.      (If the old ID is lost, please submit 1×1 photo of child and 1×1 photo of up to 3 people, including parents, authorized to pick up the child.)
  4. Satisfactory grade in deportment
  5. No academic deficiency
  6. Contract
For more information,  please call us at +63 (32) 517-3278 or +63 (32) 383-2392 or +63 (922) 868-7318.